Flood Care

Water disasters happen at all times of day and night, and with flood damage, speed is critical. Water can do more harm the longer it soaks into carpet, walls, and furniture. Since your house might be uninhabitable until repairs are complete, fast service also means less time out of your home while your restoration is in process.

Emergency Flood Calls

I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the weekend or a holiday – I will be there to help clean up the mess immediately.


Carpet Cleaning

Akamai has become a trusted name in carpet cleaning for Maui households. Our carpet cleaning service uses a unique Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process to deliver a deeper, longer-lasting carpet cleaning combined with a green-certified solution that is all natural and safe for your kids and pets. This means you get a clean that is healthier for you, your family and your home.


We service all carpets and rug cleaning. Commercial and residential cleaning's are welcome.

Home or Office Care Plan

Join our customer favorite Maui Home or Office Care Plan. This plan is for those who want to maintain the health of your home or office carpet, rugs, x glass, x, x every month. We will customize the plan to fit your needs and offer you our Ohana rate.


Hard Surface Cleaning

We clean, polish, restore and seal marble, granite, and travertine. Scratches, etch marks and wear can be removed, and you can expect to have your stone looking like new again. I am happy to share proper maintenance instructions for long term care and advice on how to avoid any future need for restoration.

what’s included

Scratch and etches removal, resealing and polishing. If you would like I can apply our dry treatment sealer that has a 10-year warranty if I use their products.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dirt and dust in Maui can age your upholstery, making your furniture look old and worn out before its time. Restore your furniture’s original beauty and help prolong its useful life with our upholstery cleaning.

You’ll be amazed at the cleaning power of our carbonation-based system, which can be used on many different kinds of upholstery surfaces and materials. Because our upholstery cleaning process doesn’t leave behind residue that just attracts more dirt, you won’t need to have your furniture cleaned as often – and that’s good for your bank account as well as your furniture.

Don’t let any old carpet cleaner clean your sensitive fabrics.

What's Included

All upholstery cleaning services include; spot and stain removal plus scotch guard protection.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Hard water is a common problem here on Maui. It doesn’t take long for your shower doors to show signs of spotting and damage. Even after the water has dried, the minerals found in hard water remain active. Our process for hard water stain removal is cost-effective and efficient and can be completed on any piece of glass.


What's Included

Cleaning and resealing your shower glass. I can also remove scratches from damaged glass.

Moisture Inspection

This is a crucial inspection that cannot be detected in the course of a traditional visual inspection.

Odor Elimination

Get complete odor removal services in your home or office. We offer solutions to eliminate odors from smoke, pets, waste, spoiled foods and trash. Our ozone generator removes organic compounds like smoke and foul odors from the air.